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photographie de la façade de KBR avec le logo de KBR et de LIBER LAG

LIBER LAG Seminar 2024 – Building bridges: libraries as engaged and trusted hubs

From 24 April 2024
to 26 April 2024


Start: 24 April 2024 - 09:00
End: 26 April 2024 - 12:30




KBR is pleased to welcome the LIBER LAG Seminar 2024 in Brussels from April 24th to April 26th.


Who is the event for?

Step into a world where visionary ideas blend with real-world library transformations.

The mission of the LIBER LAG working group is to bring librarians together with building projects and help to focus concepts and planning processes. LIBER LAG is dedicated to nurturing a dialogue between librarians and architects throughout Europe.

Every two years, librarians, architects and an array of stakeholders in library architecture and design come together to discuss and raise awareness on new projects and trends. This conference is a tapestry of insights and trends from all over Europe, showcasing projects that are redefining our collective future.

Are you:

  • a librarian spearheading a transformative building project?
  • an architect or a designer specializing in library spaces?
  • A curious mind, passionate about the symbiosis between architecture and how it can shape the future of libraries?

Then this event is for you.

It’s where challenges are transformed into innovations, ideas into movements, and visions into realities. Join us, and be part of a journey that’s shaping the libraries of tomorrow, today.


Themes and topics

Immerse yourself in the essence of the 2024 LAG Seminar, “Building Bridges: Libraries as Engaged and Trusted Hubs.” More than a theme, this is a call to action, an invitation to be part of a transformative journey that redefines the role of libraries in society. Prepare to explore how these venerable institutions are evolving into dynamic hubs of engagement, trust, and community integration.

More than 20 innovative projects from all over Europe will be showcased and discussed through key note interventions, workshops and panel discussion. As the seminar will be focusing on new trends in architecture and design, topics such as inclusivity, community engagement and sustainability will be high on the seminar’s agenda.

The seminar will be the opportunity for attendees to exchange with people of the field, that are undergoing the same changes and challenges in terms of building. This will also be the occasion to network and bring back inspiration home.

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Logo du groupe de travail LIBER LAG accolé à celui de KBR



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