Auction catalogues and sales lists of coins and medals

This list contains all the illustrated auction catalogues and sales lists of coins and medals held by the Coins and Medals Department. The list was last updated in December 2022.

Alphabetical lists

Download the lists (in pdf):

A – C D – G H – L M – O P – R S T – Z

Explanatory notes

  • Auction catalogues and sales lists without illustrations are marked with the sign following the name of the auction house.
  • The list also gives the country and town of origin of each auction house or dealer. Where necessary, you will also find references to other names by which some companies are known.
  • Usually, only the number and the date of the auction are given. In certain cases, there are specific details of the contents of the sale. In such cases, the following abbreviations have been used:
  • A = Antiquity
  • C = Contemporary period
  • MA = Middle Ages
  • Méd. = Medals
  • TM = Modern period

More information

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