We turn the page every six months

We would like to share the beauty of the books of the Burgundian dukes with everyone, but this is not without danger for the collection. When a manuscript is on display, the miniatures and the written text in it are exposed to light. Light and manuscripts are not the best match, as light can unfortunately cause the illumination and calligraphy in medieval manuscripts to fade over time.

To protect the manuscript collection of the KBR museum, we keep the light level very low and change the folios or manuscripts on display regularly. Taking into account the internationally accepted standards, the manuscripts exhibited in the museum for six months should afterwards be stored in the archives for six years.

And that is only good news for you: you can come to us twice a year for a completely new experience. We organize suitable activities for both young and old with every piece change. So be sure to take a look at the agenda for new activities.



The new selection of manuscripts will be on display starting from 26 October 2021. Be among the first to discover the new pieces at the museum and reserve your tickets now.

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