Digitisation On Demand

With this service you can ask for (parts of) documents to be scanned quickly. The processing time of your request depends on the quantity and type of documents you need. KBR will send you the digital file as soon as possible.

How to order digitisation on demand?

Option 1: The document can be found in the online catalogue

  1. Sign in to your MY KBR account in the online catalogue.
  2. Find the document in the catalogue. In the record, click ‘Digitisation’.
  3. Choose the file type that you need and click ‘Send’. You will receive a confirmation email.

Option 2: The document is NOT in the online catalogue

Use the general form for reproductions. Please note that you will have to fill in all the necessary information yourself.


If you need a digitised document for personal use only, you do not need any specific permission. If you wish to publish the file/image or use it for commercial purposes, you must obtain permission to do so.

Publishing a reproduction

Important information

  • We can digitise documents, provided that they are not in violation of copyright or conservation regulations.
  • Documents such as maps, prints, medals or sheet music can be digitised very quickly. More complex documents or large volumes such as manuscripts, newspapers and periodicals, take more time.


Any digitisation activity implies that an invoice of minimum 2,50 EUR is made.

View the fees


Please read the digitisation and copyright regulations carefully.