Nocturne: Metamorphoses

07.12.2017 - 17:00 to 22:00

Without Ovid no Romeo and Juliet? For more than 2000 years his masterpiece the Metamorphoses has influenced literature. Admire old books, visit our department of conservation or do you want to metamorphose yourself?



Guided tours (exhibition)

NL 17:30 | 20:00

FR 18:00 | 20:30

Discover several editions of Ovid's masterpiece the Metamorphoses, as well as books that have been influenced by it.

Department of conservation visit

NL 17:30 | 19:30

FR 18:30 | 20:30

All these visits are fully booked.

Meet the curator

NL 18:30 | FR 19:30 | EN 20:30

Discover precious old works in the Rare books reading room, together with Michiel Verweij, curator of the exhibition in Librarium.

Metamorphose yourself

Let a professional draw your caricature.



Free admission

Reservation is required:

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