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Adriaen van Ostade (Haarlem 1610 - Haarlem 1685)

Study of a standing man with bandages around his head holding his left arm, with detail study of the arm

Ca. 1650-1670

This drawing and another, the Study of a Standing Man Putting on a Hat (S.II 144323), were auctioned as works by Gerrit Berckheyde (1638-1698). Later, both these drawings were attributed to Cornelis Bega (ca 1631-32 - 1664) in the collections of the Prints Department. Figure studies by these artists have often been confused before, but the surprising thing in this case is that the actual creator of these drawings remained unknown for a very long time. Bega’s teacher, Adriaen van Ostade, belongs to the previous generation of Haarlem painters of scenes from the lives of ordinary people.

The man depicted here has a bandage around his head and seems to have an injured arm, although his gesture is not innocent. A man with an ordinary cap in the same position is shown in mirror image in a print of a tavern scene by Johannes Visscher after Van Ostade. He is observing the innkeeper who is groping a woman’s breast. The artist used black and white chalk on blue paper, a technique that allowed him to study the postures of the figures separately first before incorporating them into etches or paintings.

This drawing was studied for the AGORA Drawings on Web project.


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Materials, technique and dimensions: black chalk heightened with white chalk on blue paper, 152 x 123 mm

Inventory number: S.II 144322

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Paul Cogels; his sale, Antwerp (Tavernier), 8-11 April 1913, lot 1660 (as ‘Berkheyde’, with S.II 144323)