Jan Anton Garemijn - Twelve different poses for academic nudes

Jan Anton Garemijn - Twelve different poses for academic nudes

Twelve different poses for academic nudes


Jan Anton Garemijn (Bruges 1712 - Bruges 1799)

When this drawing of twelve numbered figures was purchased, it was kept with the anonymous masters. However, it has all the characteristics of the sketches featured in the Bruges notebooks by Jan Anton Garemijn, although this loose sheet is slightly larger. This prolific painter, who had mastered all the genres of his art, was the head of the local Academy for a decade (1765-1775).  For memorie, or as a reminder, he jotted down the proportions of the male nude model in small notebooks during figure-posing sessions arranged for the students. As instructed, they worked in red, and for some postures in black (swart) chalk (aerde).

As customary for the depiction of so-called ‘academic nude studies’ in this period, the model posed with various attributes such as a staff or a sheet. The postures assumed by the models were chosen so that they could be used for religious work and other paintings without further adjustment. As we can see in the last two examples, the lower limbs of the model have been replaced by goat’s legs to produce a faun or satyr.

This drawing was studied for the AGORA Drawings on Web project.


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Materials, technique and dimensions: pen and iron gall ink, 312 x 193 mm

Inventory number: S.V 76303

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Alexandre Leclercq (Librairie Moens), Brussels; acquired in 1959


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