Karel van Mander - Lot and his daughters

Karel van Mander - Lot and his daughters (ca. 1585-1590)

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Lot and his daughters

Ca. 1585-1590

Karel van Mander (Meulebeke 1548 - Amsterdam 1606)

One scene described in the Book of Genesis that is often the subject of illustrations is Lot drinking wine and being seduced by his two daughters. They both spend a night with him and each bear him a son to save the human race from extinction. Lot’s wife can be seen in the background as a pillar of salt, into which she was changed when God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorra.

Bought in 1925 as the work of an anonymous master, this drawing remained hidden away in the collection of the Prints Department for a long time. Later, it was kept under the name of the Italian master Paolo Farinati (1524-1606). However, it has now emerged that Karel van Mander signed the drawing in the bottom left-hand corner, but his monogram KvMF (Karel van Mander Fecit) has faded over time. The Mannerist drawing style is typical for the drawn and engraved work of this artist, who is particularly famous as the author of Schilder-Boeck, which dates from 1604 and contains biographies of earlier and contemporary painters.

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Materials, technique and dimensions: pen and brown ink, brown wash, over traces of black chalk, traces of indentation. Frame lines in pen and brown ink, 168 x 237 mm

Inventory number: S.III 68407

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M. Spiro, The Hague (as ‘Maître FI’); acquired in 1925


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