Every year, KBR welcomes several interns as part of their studies in Belgium or in the European Union (Erasmus +).

We offer unpaid internships within the context of an educational programme. Please note that interns will not be reimbursed for public transportation expenses.

Looking to gain skills and experience in a specific domain? We offer internships in the fields of library management, history, musicology, art history, literature, conservation and restoration. Our support services also welcome interns: digitisation, communication, HR, education…



How to apply

Send your cv and cover letter to ue@xoe.or.

Please let us know in what department you would like to work and which tasks or fields you are specifically interested in. Let us know when you would like to start your internship and if you are available full time or not.



  • Send your application at least one month in advance.
  • Your university or school needs to sign an official internship agreement.
  • Your internship needs to last for at least one month.




Tel: +32 (0)2 519 53 13