Discovering the KBR museum with kids

The KBR museum lends itself particularly well to a visit with children. The colourful manuscript miniatures with animals, knights and dragons appeal to their imagination. The museum trail features numerous animated films and fun interactive tools that your youngest family members will love.

An interactive trail

Children and parents are given a digital bracelet at the entrance with which you can activate the following:

  • Audio equipment with general information about the themes of the museum.
  • A playful children’s tour during which children can search the right manuscript that matches a detail and answer questions.
  • Interactive screens where you can write like a copyist, make your own miniature or date a manuscript (for the slightly older children).
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For which age group?

The trail is designed so that children aged 8 and older can do it alone. Children starting from age 6 will be able to do the trail when accompanied.

Map of the children’s trail

This map shows all the locations of the films, interactive screens and cocoons that immerse you in the world of manuscripts. The audio equipment and tablets of the playful children’s trail are spread throughout the museum.

plan du parcours pour enfants


The audio horns in the museum provide kid-friendly explanations about the topics covered. In the Nassau Chapel, where the museum tour begins, you will enjoy a video mapping on the wall that gives you a general introduction of the Dukes of Burgundy.

Searching the manuscripts

The tablets provide explanations about the exhibited works. During the children’s tour, each tablet shows a detail of an image, together with a question. Children have to find out which manuscript a detail comes from. Afterwards, they can answer the question.

The level of the questions varies from very easy to difficult. Is a question too difficult? Try to find the answer together.

There are 15 tablets on the 1st floor and 13 on the 2nd floor. It is certainly not necessary to use them all. Choose, for example, the tablets next to the manuscripts that your children are curious about.

Interactive screens

On the 1st floor, you will find 3 interactive screens that invite children to immerse themselves:

  • Copy with the (digital) quill: after a short explanation, your child will try to copy a text with the digital quill. This is slower and more difficult than it looks. Recommended from the age of 7, because your child will have to be able to write. Be careful with the feather, it is fragile!
  • Create your own miniature: your child discovers the different elements on an illuminated page and chooses his/her favorite decorations and illustrations to create their own miniature. You can send it by email and share it with the whole world! Recommended from the age of 5 (with the help of an adult).
  • Date a manuscript: in the Middle Ages, the title and the date of a book were not written on the cover. Dating a manuscript sometimes requires a lot of research. On this tablet, you can do your own research on two manuscripts. Reserved for older children, from the age of 10, with the help of an adult.

Info and prices

Practical tips

  • You can book free tickets for children online, but you still have to pick them up at the ticket desk.
  • The toilets are in the corridor on the ground floor, before you get to the museum itself.
  • For the little ones, there are stools in the museum room. Please put them back after you have used them. You will find them on the 1st and 2nd floor.
  • On the 5th floor of KBR you will find restaurant albert. There is a play area for children.