Artists' books on display


Three exhibitions on the occasion of the colloquium Artist’s books and bibliophile editions in Belgium (1950-2015).


Displays near the Gutenberg entrance

  • Geoffrey Brusatto | Ways of Folding
  • Bernard Villers | Peinture et livres


  • Thorsten Baensch, Christine Dupuis (Bartleby & co) | KITCHEN la cuisine transportable

Librarium (Donation Cabinets)


Works by Geoffrey Brusatto and Bernard Villers lead you, via the staircase, to Librarium.

How can writers inspire painters? Artist and publisher Bernard Villers shows some of his "books".

The discussion about the future of the printed book is a current topic. How can the analog book relate to digital information carriers? Is the present-day design of paper books still relevant? In his research, graphic designer Geoffrey Brusatto rethinks these questions. The fold plays an important role.



In the back of Librarium you will find 'KITCHEN la cuisine portable' by Thorsten Baensch and Christine Dupuis. Presentation of objects, paper-plate drawings, notes linked to the ongoing performative, collaborative project exchanging among other things, soup recipes. Short films documenting KITCHEN are by Charlotte Grégoire.



Finally, some interventions have been made in Librarium's Donation Cabinets, with the works of Jo Delahaut, Marcel Van Maele, Walter Beckers, Jan Vanhaelen, Chris Ferket, Paco Company Soler and Francisco Mateu. Can you spot them all?




Practical information

26.01 - 22.04.2017

Monday - Saturday, 9 to 5 p.m.

Free admission