The MADDLAIN project (01/04/2015 to 30/09/2017) aims to analyse the behaviour and the needs of different audiences with regard to digital access to the collections offered by the documentation institutions of the Federal Science Policy (CegeSoma, KBR and State Archives of Belgium).

The project consists of three components:

  • A study concerning general access to digital information.
  • A study regarding the use of e-learning by university students who are studying humanities subjects.
  • A study focusing on the use of Virtual Research Environments by researchers in the humanities.

In order to address the issues relating to the three components effectively, two types of data will be analysed:

  • Structured data obtained from databases and websites belonging to the three institutions.
  • Unstructured or semi-structured data collected by means of questionnaires and interviews. These will be conducted with the general public, university students and researchers.The three federal institutions will employ the knowledge gained through MADDLAIN to improve their existing platforms and to promote new interactive structures for the dissemination of knowledge (through the use of e-learning) and scientific collaboration (by creating Virtual Research Environments).



You can download the complete results on the CegeSoma website.