Reproduction fees

Any reproduction activity implies that an invoice of minimum 2,50 EUR is made. For urgent work (delivery the same week) the fee is doubled. This is only possible for orders of less than 200 EUR.

Order a reproduction

Reproduction fees

(Want to publish an image? All license fees are listed on the Publishing a reproduction page)

Digital file

High quality digital image for publication *

  • TIFF (300 dpi): 25,00 EUR per image

Digital image for online use*

  • JPEG (72 dpi): 10,00 EUR per image

Digital file – PDF *

  • per page: 2,00 EUR
  • complete document, less than 200 consecutive pages: 45,00 EUR
  • complete document, more than 200 consecutive pages: 90,00 EUR

PDF from a microfilm (only in black and white)

  • complete document, less than 200 consecutive pages: 25,00 EUR
  • complete document, more than 200 consecutive pages: 50,00 EUR

Positive microfilms

Duplication of 35 mm roll in black and white: 0,50 EUR per copy

No partial microfilm reproduction.

Print on photo paper

High quality print on matte paper, glossy upon request *

Price per image:

9 x 12 cm5,00 EUR
13 x 18 cm10,00 EUR
18 x 24 cm13,00 EUR
24 x 30 cm17,00 EUR
30 x 40 cm23,00 EUR
50 x 60 cm40,00 EUR
60 x 80 cm50,00 EUR
A070,00 EUR

Print on ordinary paper

Standard paper print, about 80 g *

Price per image:

A41,50 EUR
A33,00 EUR
A25,00 EUR
A110,00 EUR
A015,00 EUR

* Due to technical constraints, certain images can only be offered in shades of grey

Fees for publishing rights

You will find the fees on the page about publishing rights.



  • Invoicing: +32 (0)2 519 55 66
  • Digitisation service: +32 (0)2 519 55 67