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Networks and Visual Seriality in Mass-Market Print Culture – International Conference

From 29 April 2024
to 30 April 2024

In April 2024, KBR and KU Leuven organise a joint event for the closing of the ARTPRESSE project. This project is a Brain-be 2.0 research project offering an intermediate study of Belgian art as a networked structure as seen through the lens of mass media magazines in the interbellum years. The conference is a collaboration collaboration between the ARTPRESSE projects and PopHeritage (Belspo/FED-twin), KBR and KULeuven.

Covering a period that stretches from after the First World War to the 1960s, this conference invites for new perspectives on European popular serial culture in print, its diverse forms and its media networks in the 20th century, as well as on the archival and curatorial approaches to this type of print heritage.

This conference proposes to approach this miscellaneous array through the prism of two interrelated concepts – networks and seriality – that describe and capture relationships, connections, and dialogues amidst the vibrant diversity of mass-market print culture. Taken together, defined in an open and encompassing way, these two concepts are opening new avenues for research into periodical cultures.


Call for papers

Abstracts of maximum 250 words, alongside a short biographical notice, should be sent as document files (.docx, .odt or .txt) before 30 November 2023 to orabvg.pehpvsvk@xhyrhira.or and zbetnar.bgg@hyvrtr.or. Proposals will be anonymized and reviewed by the scientific committee. Notifications of acceptance will be sent on 15 December 2023. Researchers at all career stages are welcome to submit abstracts.

Overall, we welcome contributions on following topics and more :

  • Theoretical and methodological takes on networks and visual seriality in periodicals
  • Serial relationships between illustrations and other periodical contents
  • Role of images in segmenting content and producing visually recognizable categories
  • Cut-out and collectible images, made to be clipped, kept, displayed, or rearranged (scrapbooks, posters, etc.)
  • Highbrow, lowbrow, middlebrow; canons, anticanons, and questions of cultural status and effects of hierarchization as they affect visual seriality
  • Popularization through reproduction and serialization of fine arts in broad-audience periodicals
  • Intermedial networks, relationships to other media and film in particular
  • Serial media that engage with image sequences and juxtapositions: comics, photo-novels, drawn novels, etc.
  • Digital Humanities approaches to networks in mass-market print culture: affordances and complexities of digitization for analyzing broad corpora; distant and computational methods for studying visual series and tracing networks
  • Challenges in archiving and accessibility for popular print culture
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Keynote speakers

  • Vincent Fröhlich, University of Marburg
  • Evanghélia Stead, Université Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines



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