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KBR, where time is treasured

The Royal Library of Belgium is the national scientific library. It collects all Belgian publications and preserves, manages and studies an extensive cultural and historical heritage. It provides the public with access to information, facilitates research and offers a broad cultural experience.

Discover KBR’s vision and future plans.

What does the name KBR mean?

Historically, KBR is a contraction of two names in two different languages: Koninklijke Bibliotheek and Bibliothèque royale. In the past, a number of different names have been used to denote KBR: Albertine, La Royale, BR, KBR, KB, Royal Library and so on.

With KBR as the name of the brand, we resolve the naming problem in all languages and clear up any uncertainty about the structure (KBR is more than just a library).

What does KBR have to offer?

  • Numerous information sources for scientific and historical research.
  • A rich range of cultural activities, during which you can discover our outstanding collections.
  • Inspiring spaces: a genuine haven of calm and tranquillity, for study and reflection.
  • Fully equipped meeting rooms for professional gatherings and events.

KBR museum

In 2020, the KBR museum opened its doors, inviting you to discover a national treasure hidden for 600 years: the Library of the Dukes of Burgundy and its fabulous collection of 15th century manuscripts. With the opening of this new museum, KBR is establishing itself as a major cultural centre in Brussels.

A job at KBR

Would you like to join our team? Check out the possibilities:

Annual report

KBR’s annual report not only lists the objectives achieved, but also the heritage items purchased, the works restored and the number of donations received.

Action plan

In the next three years, we will continue to build the library of the future. Are you curious about what is in store for KBR in the coming years? The action plan 2022-2024 is available in French and in Dutch.


The logo is available in different file types: ai, eps, pdf, jpg and png. For specific instructions on how to use the logo correctly, please read the graphic charter.

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Guest organisations

Many organisations and not-for-profit associations are housed in the KBR building.

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