Belgium has been hiding a treasure for 600 years

New museum opening in 2020

Explore the 15th century in our region through the images, stories and characters from the Library of the Dukes of Burgundy.

Discover Europe’s medieval cultural past against the backdrop of the sixteenth-century Chapel of Nassau.

KBR is the national library of Belgium

KBR is the national scientific library and collects all Belgian publications. We preserve, manage and study more than 8 million documents, a rich cultural and historical heritage.



Quadro Viegas

Quadro Viegas

14.02.2020 @ 12:30

De muzikanten brengen muziek van Hoffmeister, Naderman en Walter.

Public Domain Day BE 2020

21.02.2020 @ 15:00

PDMD raises awareness about the public domain and provides an annual meeting for the heritage sector […]