5 tips for your first visit

5 things you need to know before visiting KBR

1. Documents can only be consulted in the library itself

All books must be read within the library and may not be taken out. They have to be consulted in the reading room. It is compulsory to reserve your seat online (see #5).

2. You need a reader’s card to access the reading room

A large part of the KBR builing is freely accessible.

Exceptions are:

  • the reading room: you pay for your reader’s card at the info desk. Online payment is not possible. Students get a discount on their annual card.
  • the KBR museum and temporary exhibitions: reserve your tickets online or pay at the info desk.
Reader’s card prices

3. Books are kept in closed stacks

The storage areas are inaccessible to readers. Items that are located in the closed stacks need to be requested via the online catalogue.

Please bear in mind that your requested items have to be retrieved from the stacks and that this takes time. In order to avoid waiting, please reserve your documents 2 days before your visit. On Saturday, there is no book distribution.

How to request a document?

4. No coats, bags, food or drinks in the reading room

Please use our lockers to store your belongings. They are located at the entrance and are free of charge. All lockers have a timed unlock mode, so do not leave your belongings overnight.

5. Request your books beforehand to avoid waiting

If you request all your items 2 days before coming to the reading room, your books will be ready when you arrive.

You can do this even without a reader’s card:

  1. Create a MyKBR account in the online catalogue.
  2. Reserve a seat in the reading room.
  3. Request the items you need.

When you come to KBR, go to the info desk to buy your reader’s card. Please mention that you already have a MyKBR account. Your requested items will already be waiting for you in the reading room.

Open the catalogue

Plan your visit