Getting a reader’s card

At KBR, you can only consult books in the reading rooms. For this, you need to have a reader’s card.


How to buy a reader’s card?

You can buy your reader’s card at the reception desk.

  • Take proof of identification with you. You must be at least 16 years old to apply for a reader’s card.
  • Students should also bring proof of their university or college enrollment.

KBR reserves the right to withdraw the card if you do not observe the library regulations. Download the regulations in French or Dutch.

Check the price list



Opening times

From Monday to Friday

  • 10:00 – 12:45
  • 13:15 – 16:00


Getting a MY KBR account

When you buy a reader’s card, you will automatically get a MY KBR account, which you can use to:

  • save searches and bibliographic descriptions
  • request documents for consultation
  • order reproductions


It is possible to create an account without having a reader’s card. Go to the online catalogue, click on ‘MY KBR’ and follow the instructions.

If you already have a MY KBR account when buying your reader’s card, please mention this at the reception desk.