KBR’s digital collections

The digitised collection

You can view and search the digitised collection in Belgica, our digital library. It is currently only possible to view the images; you cannot download them. It is our intention to enable this in the future.

Should you need a (digital) copy of a document, you have to order a reproduction.

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Digitised newspapers and periodicals

Full-text search in millions of pages from Belgian newspapers and periodicals via our specialised search engines:


Digitised maps

On the website www.cartesius.be you will find the most beautiful plans, maps and aerial photographs of Belgium and Central Africa. Many maps from our collection can be viewed on this website.

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Born-digital publications

In addition to KBR’s digitised collection (digital versions of analog documents), there is also a collection of born-digital publications. These materials originate in a digital form. This type of publication is deposited via online legal deposit. For the time being, this happens on a voluntary basis.

Born-digital publications can be found via the general catalogue. If the publisher or author allows the publication to be consulted freely, it can also be consulted outside the walls of KBR.


Electronic resources

Your (free) My KBR account grants you access to databases, e-journals and e-books, mainly in the field of human and social sciences. These external e-resources are purchased by KBR.

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Digitisation on demand

Via our Digit on Demand service you can ask for (parts of) documents to be scanned, so that you do not have to come to Brussels.

KBR will send you the digital file as soon as possible.



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