KBR holds innumerable objects of significant historical, scientific and artistic importance that are part of Belgium’s national heritage or belong to our world heritage. Every year, KBR lends documents and works to exhibitions in Belgium and abroad.


How to submit a loan request

Please send your request to borrow a work in writing at least six months before the opening of the exhibition to the director general of KBR at the address below:

Mrs  Sara Lammens
Director general ad interim
Boulevard de l’Empereur 4
B-1000 Brussels


You can also send the request via e-mail to ybnaf@xoe.or.


Your file should contain the following documents:

  1. the loan request form (pdf), completed;
  2. the regulations (pdf) of the division that handles library loans to other parties, signed;
  3. a facility report (if your institute does not have one, please fill in this questionnaire (Word)).

As soon as we have received your request, the person in charge of handling your file will send you an acknowledgement of receipt.


Examination of the request

The director general makes the final decision on the loan request after obtaining the advice of the curators involved and advice from the restorers.

They will assess your request on the following criteria:

  • the academic / cultural value of the project;
  • the condition of the object(s);
  • the conditions for security, storage and reception in the institute requesting the loan;
  • the availability of the requested object(s).

If the advice is in your favour, you will receive an official letter of approval. The letter will contain a contract for the loan; you must sign two copies.


Our terms and conditions for loans

The borrower will bear the following costs:

  • insurance;
  • conditioning, packaging, transport and arrangement;
  • an escort on the outbound and return journeys;
  • daily accommodation and compensation for the escort.


Where applicable, the borrower must also pay for the following costs:

  • restoration;
  • framing;
  • photographs or microfilm of the object for the insurance or the report on the object’s condition;
  • photographs and reproductions for the catalogue.


The borrower will furnish KBR with the following matters, free of charge:

  • one catalogue for each department that lends the objects in every language in which the catalogue was published;
  • two invitations and two posters in every language in which they are printed, for the records;
  • two entrance tickets for the staff of KBR and permanent access for one member of staff.


Photographs and publishing rights

In theory, photographs of the works may only be produced by the Photographic service of KBR and will be charged to the borrower.

Please order any reproductions at least four months before the opening of the exhibition. Please send your request to the head of the department that holds the document.

Order a reproduction Request for publishing right




How to change your request

A request for an additional loan, a change of date, of location, etc. should be sent by post at least three months in advance to the director general of KBR.


How to extend a loan

Please send your request to extend the loan by post at least four weeks in advance to the director general of KBR.


How to cancel a request

Please send your request to cancel a loan in writing as soon as possible to the director general of KBR. Any costs already incurred (restoration, framing…) will still be charged to the borrower.



For all additional information, please get in touch with:

Mr Benoît Labarre
4 Boulevard de l’Empereur
B-1000 Brussels

Telephone: +32 (0)2 519 55 93