Download the logo

If you have our permission to use the KBR logo for a brochure or leaflet, you can download it here. The logo is available in different file types: ai, eps, pdf, jpg and png. For specific instructions on how to use the logo correctly, please download the graphic charter in Dutch or French (PDF).

Download logos



About the logo

The KBR logo is an hourglass, preceded by the letters KBR.

The hourglass symbolises time, but it is also reminiscent of the infinity symbol.



Use the logo with its baseline in the correct language (i.e. the language used in the document). The logo exists in French, Dutch and English.



In bilingual documents, use the logo which contains the baseline in both Dutch and French. Any of these two languages can come first.



The logo without baseline can be used in the following cases:

  • if the version with baseline is illegible
  • if the baseline has already been used in a very marked way elsewhere in the document
  • if the document contains a lot of text


KBR logo zonder baseline