Publishing a reproduction

How to obtain publishing rights?

Would you like to publish the reproductions that you requested? These are subject to copyright and for this you need to request KBR’s permission. To put in a copyright request, you need to be in possession of the reproductions.

By ‘publish’, we mean, among other things, their use in books, documentaries, films, posters or online, but also in exhibitions.

In certain cases, you can obtain an exemption from the payment of copyright. State your reason for requesting an exemption clearly.

Request for publishing rights



Fees for publishing rights



  • Less than 500 prints – cover: 75,00 EUR
  • Less than 500 prints – corpus: 50,00 EUR
  • More than 500 prints – cover: 100,00 EUR
  • More than 500 prints – corpus: 75,00 EUR


Electronic version

E-book, internet, multimedia, animation, mobile app: 250,00 EUR



100,00 EUR



250,00 EUR


Poster, folder, post card

100,00 EUR



150,00 EUR



Quotation available on request




Please read the reproduction and copyright regulations carefully.




  • Invoicing: +32 (0)2 519 55 66
  • Photography service: +32 (0)2 519 55 67

Do you have a question regarding a collection item? Please contact the department that has the document.