Conservation and restoration

For centuries, we have been preserving traces of the past. Our history is that of a treasure trove, meticulously built up and preserved down the centuries.

KBR manages, preserves and safeguards a large heritage collection and ensures access to our heritage for current and future generations. For this reason KBR focuses on the following three guidelines:

  • preventive conservation
  • conservation
  • restoration




  • Slowing down the natural process of deterioration of the carriers by:
    • complying with the recommendations regarding temperature and humidity
    • ensuring suitable conditions and furniture
    • providing healthy storage spaces
    • sharing and transferring good practices through education and awareness
  • Avoiding situations that could cause risks for our collections (e.g. fire, flooding, contamination)
  • Developing emergency measures in case of incidents and damage that can’t be avoided

This approach is also aimed at restoration interventions which, together with the digitisation programs, will complement and strengthen our results for the protection of our heritage.