Bequests and wills


Incorporating KBR into your estate plan is a remarkable opportunity to champion our enduring mission. Bequests and wills offer a valuable avenue to invest in groundbreaking programming, restore priceless cultural treasures, and ensure that our library remains a beacon of learning and inspiration for generations to come.

The advantages of bequests extend beyond mere tax relief; they provide the financial foundation for ambitious, multi-generational projects. Every bequest, regardless of size, profoundly impacts our ability to serve the community and safeguard our rich cultural heritage.

KBR is recognized as a Belgian government-approved organization, benefiting from a special inheritance tax regime. Practically, this means that KBR receives the majority of your inheritance, with only a small percentage exception.

Duo bequests

Beyond their tax benefits, duo bequests embody the spirit of sharing and generosity. Opting for a duo bequest allows the testator to support a cherished cause, such as KBR, while simultaneously honoring loved ones.

Choosing a duo bequest in favor of KBR not only contributes to the preservation of our cultural heritage and the influence of our institution but also provides a valuable opportunity to your beneficiaries. They receive a larger share of the inheritance in a tax-efficient manner, creating a true “win-win” scenario where your act of generosity benefits both cultural heritage preservation and your loved ones.

Starting July 1, 2021, Flanders no longer offers tax benefits for duo bequests. However, inheritance tax is reduced to 0% for bequests and donations to charities. The situation in Brussels and Wallonia remains unchanged. It’s important to note that each bequest requires analysis by a notary due to its specific nature.

Bequests of property

KBR accepts bequests from individuals, including specific goods. However, it’s crucial that documents and heritage objects align with our institution’s acquisition policy, focusing particularly on items related to Belgium, known as “Belgicana.”

Bequests and wills stand as powerful methods to leave a lasting legacy, contributing to the resilience of our national library. Your support becomes an invaluable contribution to future generations.