Librarium is a unique museum where you can find out all about the history of books, writing, and libraries.
Here, authentic documents and interactive and audiovisual equipment will tell you about different kinds of writing, unusual books, manuscripts, miniature books, newspapers, drawings, special medals, and even comic books.

Entrance: Mont des Arts, B-1000 Brussels


Opening hours

Monday to Saturday, 9.00 to 17.00. Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

  • Admission free of charge.
  • Free audio guide (available in 4 languages: en, fr, nl, de): Frederic de Reiffenberg, the Library's very first curator, shows you around.


Theme: Metamorphoses

Without Ovid no Romeo and Juliet? For more than 2000 years his masterpiece the Metamorphoses has influenced literature.

Discover several editions of Ovid's masterpiece the Metamorphoses, as well as books that have been influenced by it.




Guided tours

Booking: or +32 (0)2 519 53 72.

Price: 50€/group