Access to the collection

KBR safeguards an important and extensive literary, artistic and scientific heritage. We provide access to this heritage in different ways.


Science and research

As a scientific library, we provide scientific information and support research.



Teachers and school groups can get to know the library and its collection through a guided tour. There are guided tours for different groups and ages.

Guided tours



Events and exhibitions

KBR organises a broad range of cultural and scientific activities (concerts, lectures, …) and hosts temporary exhibitions. There is even a permanent museum you can visit: the KBR museum, which is built around the Library of the Dukes of Burgundy. Their library is the core of the current collection of KBR.

What’s on?



The digital library: Belgica

Generally speaking, every document KBR digitises is put online. You can search and browse all digitised collections in Belgica, our digital library.

Works that are not subject to copyright are published online without any access restrictions. Copyrighted works can only be consulted within the institution using special terminals in the Reading Rooms.

Discover Belgica