New search options in our catalogue

KBR’s physical and e-collections become even easier to access

New search options have been added to our online catalogue, which make it even easier to consult the physical and electronic collections. You get more search results, and more e-content is available.


New search scenarios

When you search the catalogue, your search is automatically carried out in the following databases:


Screenshot of the tutorial


You can find more information about how to filter your search results in this short tutorial (pdf).


Searching made easy

  • The search engine works in a Google-like manner: it also lists content from the e-resources. This makes your search results even more relevant.
  • Searching is easier.
  • You can use the search filters or the ‘advanced search’ option to filter your results.


More search results

Thanks to this update you can access much more online content. To get access to the content, you only need a free subscription to the electronic resources.

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