Save the social media of Belgium

In order to document our online national heritage for future generations, KBR endeavours to collect and preserve a broad selection of relevant Belgian social media accounts. This is a huge task, so we ask for your help.

You can now send us your suggestions via the form below.

Why save social media?

Social media are very much part of our daily lives, but this online heritage isn’t currently being preserved. Since KBR preserves all Belgian publications, we want to document (part of) this online heritage as well.

The BESOCIAL project is therefore developing a sustainable strategy for archiving and preserving social media.

A balanced selection

Archiving all social media is not feasible. That’s why we want to ask you which accounts and hashtags you think should be preserved. We focus on social media accounts and hashtags that are related to cultural heritage in Belgium.

For legal reasons we can only archive content from Twitter and Instagram.

What are we looking for?

We only have two criteria:

  • The content indicated by hashtags and social media handles must be relevant to Belgian society.
  • The content must be publicly published.

Send us your suggestions

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