Covid Safe Ticket at KBR: what, where and when?

As of October, you will need a Covid Safe Ticket for several activities at KBR.


Which activities require a Covid Safe Ticket?



A Covid Safe Ticket will be required from 1 October for all indoor events with more than 50 participants, such as our lunchtime concerts.

Please note that you still need to wear a face mask.


Museum and restaurant (as of 15/10)

From 15 October you will need a Covid Safe Ticket when you want to visit the KBR museum. You still need to wear a face mask. Albert, our restaurant, will also require customers to show a valid Covid Safe Ticket.


What is the Covid Safe Ticket?

A Covid Safe Ticket allows you to prove that you have a negative COVID-19 test (less than 48h old), a recovery certificate or a vaccination certificate. In the Brussels-Capital Region you need this ticket for indoor events with more than 50 participants, in restaurants and in museums. The rule applies to everyone 16 years of age or older.

The Covid Safe Ticket is identical to the digital European COVID Certificate. If you have one, you do not need to request an additional document.


Where can I get my Covid Safe Ticket?

  • Online: You can download your Covid Safe Ticket in the CovidSafeBE-app. You can install this app on your smartphone via the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  • On paper: You can print out your Covid Safe Ticket by going to


How do you check the Covid Safe Ticket?

  • The check takes place at the entrance of the museum, the concert hall or conference room and in the restaurant.
  • We will ask you to present proof of identity when we check the Covid Safe Ticket.
  • Please take this extra check into account by arriving on time for the event you are attending.



KBR respects your privacy. We scan your CST with the CovidScan app. This app shows whether your certificate is valid of not, but it will never share any health data.