What is a legal deposit number?

The legal deposit number is a compulsory part of every publication subject to legal deposit and published in Belgium. It generally appears in the colophon and always begins with “D/”, followed by the year of publication in the form “YYYY/”. Thereafter, the composition varies:

  • organisations then indicate their publisher number and a serial number in a continuous annual series

Example: D/2023/0020/0001

  • authors-publishers indicate their name and the word “publisher”.

Examples :

D/2023/Anne Janssens, publisher (one author)
D/2023/Anne Janssens and Piet Peeters, publishers (two authors)
D/2023/Anne Janssens et al, publishers (several authors)


Good to know!

In case of a new edition, it is necessary to redeposit the publication and to indicate a new legal deposit number.