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Book History @ KBR

An afternoon of book history lectures

18 September 2024
13:00 - 17:30

7 experts, 7 lectures, 1 shared passion

What happens behind the walls of the national library? What have our researchers been working on and which historical treasures are kept in the closed stacks?

7 passionate experts—both from KBR and other institutions—will present their research. They have one thing in common: they conduct research on books from the KBR collections.

During this book history event you will find out all about incunabula, Jesuit manuscripts and historical newspapers and the challenges book historians face. The lectures are in Dutch, French and English.



13:00 A la recherche des manuscrits et des premiers livres imprimés du prieuré de Rouge-Cloître (14-16e siècles) Matthieu Pignot (UNamur / KBR)
13:30 Between detail and overview. Reflections on IMPRESSVM, a new research tool for incunabula of the Southern Netherlands Heleen Wyffels (Vlaamse Erfgoedbibliotheken)
14:00 De quelques types de manuscrits jésuites conservés à KBR: la vie et l’œuvre inédite du Père Michael Craesbeeck (1564-1630) Nathaël Istasse (KBR)
14:30 Break
15:00 What the numbers tell: seriality, periodicity, and missing pieces in KBR’s run of the Nieuwe Tijdinghen Paul Arblaster (USL-B)
15:30 Valse drukkersadressen in pamfletten van de Brabantse Omwenteling (1789-1792)  Pierre Delsaerdt (UA / KUL)
16:00 Break
16:30 Typo Belgiëque: 19de-eeuwse Belgische lettertypes in het Drukkerijmuseum van KBR Jo De Baerdemaeker (LUCA School of Arts)
17:00 Een universum van papier. Drukwerk verbeeld in het satirische blad La Bombe (1878-1887) Brecht Deseure (ULB / KBR)


Practical information

Free event, but registration is required: zeo@xoe.or