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Open workshop: Get started with the “Basses Danses”

03 December 2022
14:00 - 17:00

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At the end of the Middle Ages, Brussels belonged to the rich and powerful Dukes of Burgundy. Skilled politicians and cultured patrons, they established a stirring treasure, a unique and fascinating collection of manuscripts: the Library of the Dukes of Burgundy. Many of these masterpieces have survived the ravages of time and of history and can now be admired at the KBR museum.

During the weekend of 3 and 4 December, you can exceptionally admire Margaret of Austria’s “Basses Danses” at the KBR museum. It is one of the only seven “black” manuscripts in the world and has not been exhibited for the past 30 years due to its fragile state. Be inspired by the delicate pages and get to work in an open workshop where you do calligraphy like a medieval scribe or paint like a medieval miniaturist.



Paint like a miniaturist

In the workshops of medieval illuminators, there were no boxes of watercolors or tubes of gouache to be found. Instead, they made their colors from natural materials or with pigments from distant parts of the world. Discover how much fun it is to make paint from pigment powder and acacia gum and paint yourself the ex libris of Mary of Hungary adorning the “Basses Danses”.


Become a medieval scribe

With a quill in your hand, you will discover that writing letters can be quite an art! Limit the thickness of the lines, round off the letters neatly and don’t forget to avoid smudging… You will undoubtedly start to admire the artists who, centuries ago, created the gold and silver calligraphy in the impressive “Basses Danses”.


Practical information

  • When? Saturday 3 December and Sunday 4 December, continuously from 2 pm to 5 pm
  • Where? In the atelier at the exit of the KBR museum
  • Price? Included in the price of your museum ticket
  • Who? Suitable for adults and children of 8 years and older.

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