Collections from the FPS Foreign Affairs

As from 1 June 2017, the collections from the library of the FPS Foreign Affairs can only be consulted in the general reading room of the Contemporary Printed Books department of KBR.


About this collection

The library of the FPS Foreign Affairs is actually the merged collection of four older libraries:

  1. the Bibliothèque diplomatique
  2. the Bibliothèque de l’ancien Ministère des Colonies (founded in 1885), better known as the Bibliothèque Afrique
  3. the Bibliothèque de Droit international (founded in 1887)
  4. the Bibliothèque de l’Administration Générale de la Coopération au développement (founded in 1963)

If you want to consult publications from these collections, please proceed as described below.



How to consult publications?

You can search in different ways:


Search online

  1. Search the publication via the online catalogue
  2. Click on “Advanced search – Libraries”  and select “Foreign Affairs”.
  3. Reserve your publications. You will receive a confirmation email.

Within 2 working days you can consult the publications in the general reading room on presentation of your confirmation email.  You can reserve up to 5 publications at a time.  They will be reserved for you for 6 working days.


Tip: Does KBR have the publication in its own collection?

Some publications can also be found in KBR’s own collections. It is therefore well worth searching via our online catalogue as well.

If you have found the publication in this catalogue:

  • reserve it online: the conditions are the same as on
  • submit your reservation in the general reading room: you can consult the publication the same day. You can reserve books from 9 am to 3.45 pm.


Search via the card catalogue of the African Library

Most publications from the African Library cannot be found in the online catalogue as yet. You can search via the alphabetical card catalogue for this collection in the general reading room of KBR.

Did you find the publication you were looking for?  Please complete an application form on which you mention AFR.  Within 2 working days you can consult the publication. It will be reserved for you for 6 working days..



Opening hours

The collections from the library of the FPS Foreign Affairs can be consulted in KBR’s general reading room:

You can only use the reading rooms if you have a reader’s card.


More questions?

Contact the reading room


You can reach the reading room by phone, during the opening hours, via 02 519 54 71.

For questions about reservations: erfreingvba@xoe.or or 02 519 54 73.