Competent national authority for orphan works

KBR is the competent national authority for Belgium, responsible for forwarding information to the Orphan Works Database.


Digitising orphan works

Orphan works are works that are still protected by copyright, but whose authors or other right holders are unknown or cannot be located. The lack of data on their ownership often constitutes an obstacle to their digitisation and making them available online.

Organisations wanting to digitise orphan works need to record them in the Orphan Works Database. They must perform a diligent search in order to prove that they could not locate the right holder.


What does KBR do?

As the competent national authority for Belgium, KBR forwards information about orphan works to the Orphan Works Database.

KBR also manages the registration of Beneficiary Organisations in the database.


Want to register orphan works?

  1. Go to the Orphan Works Database. Click on ‘Registration of Beneficiary Organisation’.
  2. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once your registration is validated.
  3. You can now start adding orphan works to the database.


Diligent search tool

An interesting tool to help you with diligent searches can be found here:



If you want to use the Orphan works database and you need help or further information, please contact Peter Catrie: crgre.pngevr@xoe.or.