Linked open data (LOD) and ISNI as a crucial bridge identifier for cultural heritage

Scope of this project

The LOD-ISNI project allows KBR to organise activities aimed at strengthening the long-term cooperation with international partners, and at promoting the use of Linked Open Data and ISNI as a crucial bridge identifier for cultural heritage materials.


The LOD-ISNI project is financed by the Belgian Science Policy Office BELSPO in response to the call International Networking, and results from the cooperation between:


December 2020 – end of March 2023



  • 2 February 2021: Presentation at the Public Domain Day 2021, organised by Meemoo, Wikimedia Belgium and KBR. [watch it here]
  • 2 June 2021: Poster presentation at DH Benelux 2021 – The Humanities in a Digital World. [watch it here]
  • 24 June 2021: Panel discussion ‘Why use Wikidata, or not?’ at LIBER 2021. [watch it here]
  • 16 September 2021: Presentation ‘Why Linked Open Data are Needed to Monitor Legal Deposit and Valorise the Bibliography of Belgium’ at National Libraries Now 2021 Digital Conference. [watch it here]
  • 17 September 2021: Online study day ‘Getting started with Linked Open Data’ at KBR. [watch the program, slides and recordings or the KBR-playlist]
  • 14-15 October 2021: Presentations at VVBAD – Informatie aan Zee 2021 in Ostend:
    • Keynote ‘Een oceaan van data’ by Ruben Verborgh, [watch it here]
    • Keynote ‘KBR, een eeuwenoude bibliotheek in (r)evolutie’ by Sara Lammens, [watch it here]
    • Presentation ‘Hoe ISNI en Linked Open Data cultureel erfgoed helpen beheren en ontsluiten’ by Ann Van Camp & Hannes Lowagie, [watch it here]
  • 28-30 November 2021: CENL Annual General Meeting with a strategic breakout session ‘How FAIR is your National Library data?’ by Sally Chambers & Ann Van Camp
  • 7 December 2021: Ann Van Camp, ‘ISNI als uniek verbindingselement’. META: Tijdschrift voor bibliotheek & archief, Jaargang 97, no. 9: 28-32, [watch it here]
  • 13-17 December (online) and 20-21 December 2021 (hybrid): Linked Pasts VII Symposium at Ghent University


  • 5 May 2022: Sven Lieber, Ann Van Camp, ‘Open Science and Linked Data to Create a FAIR Corpus of Intra-Belgian Book Translations 1970-2020’, presented at DH Benelux 2022 – ReMIX: Creation and alteration in DH (hybrid), Belval Campus, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg and online. [watch it here]
  • 26-28 July 2022: Ann Van Camp & Sven Lieber (2022), ‘ISNI, a top tool for quality enhancement, smooth data flows and efficient internal processes’, presented at IFLA World Library and Information Congress 2022 in Dublin, [watch it here]
  • 13-14 September 2022: International hybrid conference ‘Linked Data and International Standards for Cultural Heritage’ at KBR, [watch the program, slides and recordings or the KBR-playlist]
  • 28 November 2022: Sven Lieber, Ann Van Camp, Hannes Lowagie, ‘A LITL more quality: Improving the correctness and completeness of library catalogs with a Librarian-In-The-Loop Linked Data Workflow’, presented online at Semantic Web in Libraries (SWIB) 2022. [watch it here]


  • 14-15 March 2023: Learning visit to the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague
  • 20 March 2023: Newspaper day, organised by CAMille and devoted to exploring the potential of digitised historical newspapers for historical research [watch it here]
  • 30 March – 2 April 2023: KBR stand at Foire du Livre de Bruxelles in Tour & Taxis to promote the benefits of ISNI


Ann Van Camp